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Care Package Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler

Care Package Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler
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  • RESCUE THE HUNGRY PERSON YOU LOVE: We all get hangry (hungry + angry) at times and only tasty snacks can save us. Serious cases of hangriness are known to occur at birthdays and holidays, but going away to college or the military requires immediate Hangry First Aid.
  • 40 HANDPICKED COOKIES, CHIPS & CANDY SNACKS: Every bout of hangriness is different and there is no one-snack-fits-all cure. We’ve selected 17 varieties of sweet and salty snacks – 40 individual servings in all – to remedy what ails you.
  • COMES IN OUR SPECIAL HANGRY KIT EMERGENCY SNACK BOX: You or your hangry friend are going to get a kick out of receiving this in the mail. Store your snacks in the fun box and get a chuckle every time you open it.