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The History of Cheesecake

It is said that the Greeks served it to the athletes after the first Olympic Games. So, it’s a good choice for your Olympic and even your Super Bowl parties. You can entertain your guests with everything that you know about the history of cheesecake and why it’s appropriate for athletes.

Although the nutritional content varies, it is not unusual to see six grams of protein per slice. By comparison, a slice of Boston cream pie contains only two grams of protein per serving. If you’re worried about sugar or carbohydrates, cheesecakes can be delicious without adding sugar or using flour.

Of course, it’s really difficult to make them at home, even if you’re an excellent chef. It’s easier and actually more economical to order one and have it delivered in time for the party.

Do you find the different varieties confusing? Here’s a quick rundown. The most popular cheesecakes in America are New York style. This recipe combines heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and egg yolks for added richness and a smooth consistency. Cottage cheese is sometimes added and lemon is often used for flavoring. True NY style has no crust. The outer edges are baked to a light golden brown, the interior is light and creamy. Only a hint of lemon is added for flavoring.

The History of Cheesecake

British and Australian
They don’t bake or cook their cheesecake. It’s made by mixing soft cheese, sugar cream and gelatin. The mixture is chilled till it sets and served cold. Sometimes, chocolate, Irish cream or raspberry is added for flavoring.

Italian style is based on the old Roman cheesecakes, which called for the use of honey, ricotta, flour and bay leaves. The modern recipes uses sugar instead of honey, omit the bay leaves and add vanilla extract for flavoring.

Neufchatel cheese provides the flavoring for the French style. It’s appealing to some, but not to others, as the taste is stronger and vaguely reminiscent of mushrooms.

In the US, the equivalent of Neufchatel is known as “Farmer’s cheese”. You are likely to see some varieties, such as Pennsylvania Dutch, that list this ingredient, instead of cream cheese.

Added Flavors
Fruits, nuts and chocolate slivers are often used as toppings, as well as the more traditional sour cream topping that many of us are used to. Other flavorings, such as pumpkin and spice can be added to the cake itself.

You can get crust or no crust varieties. It’s a very flexible dessert that can be tailored to suit anyone’s taste buds. One popular choice, particularly for parties, is the “sampler” cake. At https://www.cheesecakedelivered.com, for example, you can order a sampler with two slices of nine differently flavored cheesecakes. What more could anyone ask for?This article was written by Ted Goldberg- Owner of CheesecakeDelivered.ComThis article may not be reproduced, copied or changed in any way without the written consent of the author.